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Chromatars for ChromaCam

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Not everyone wants to show their video when using video conferencing.  Some shy away while others want to keep themselves private on the screen. We here at Personify want to allow our customers to express themselves in more meaningful ways. 

Introducing Chromatars

Chromatars are 3D avatars to replace yourself on the screen.  They are fun, engaging, and playful to the audience.  This gives the user the ability to show facial expressions and head movement while keeping their privacy.  You can use our hand picked Chromatars to start out.  In addition, you can use metaverse powered applications readyplayer.me or Vroid Studio to create your own avatar to upload into ChromaCam! 

How to get started with Chromatars

Chromatars are only available with the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems at this time.  Please make sure you are running version  Chromatars are coming soon on the Mac.

  1. Open ChromaCam and make sure your web camera is on
  2. Go to the Avatars tab and select an avatar that you want to use
  3. Open your video application and select the ChromaCam under the video option

Chromatars work with virtual backgrounds, video backgrounds, Streamer Effects, and PowerPoint slides.  Chromatars do not work with background blur.