Five things to know about Avatars

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1. What’s an avatar?

At it’s core an avatar is your personal virtual identity represented on the internet. This is usually a graphical model that is a stand-in for the IRL(In Real Life) you. It can closely resemble your personal features. Or it can look like something totally different from the real you. That is up to your level of creativity, but it’s not hard to make something original and eye-catching. We recommend you have do a quick scan of your facial features. You can build a hundred avatars from that simple beginning. Avatars are an amazing way to interact with other people in a video call. You may feel more comfortable knowing no-one is scrutinizing your hair or chosen clothing for the day. An avatar is always on point with how you project yourself. They allow you to be yourself in a virtual environment of your choosing, and as such, they can help improve communication and collaboration.

There are several different types of avatars available on the market today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a closer look at some of the most popular ones:

– 3D Avatar: This type of avatar uses advanced computer graphics technology to create a realistic representation of your appearance. They come in many different styles and sizes, so you can find one that fits your personality perfectly. Chromacam has various pre-made avatars to get you started in the Metaverse.

– 2D Avatar: These avatars consist of simple drawings or photos that can represent (all be it a bit on the flat side) how you look in reality. They’re perfect if all you want is an easy way to communicate with other people online. However, they lack some of the versatility of true 3D models and tend to offer less motion, actions and features.

– Customizable Avatar: This type of avatar requires software that allows users to customize it any way they like – from hairstyles and clothing to tattoos and piercings (if applicable). This makes them ideal for businesses who want their customers to feel truly connected to them.” These avatars are really just 3D avatars that are able to be modified by 3rd party services or apps. Generally they export .glb or .vrm files that can be imported into Personify software.

2. How to create your online virtual persona using an Avatar

When you create your avatar for a meeting, make sure to consider the way you want to present yourself. Do you want to be authoritative and in control? Or do you prefer to appear more relaxed and open-minded? The choice is yours. Just remember that your avatar will help project how you feel about the meeting, so it’s important that it reflects who YOU are at that moment.

3. Why use an Avatar?

An avatar seen at the start of a meeting will be a great ice breaker discussion. It can get people talking and interactive, and ultimately produce better results from the meeting. It can help set the tone for the rest of the meeting and remind everyone that they are there to have a conversation, not just listen. Plus, it’s always fun to see what creative avatars people come up with!

But as the Metaverse (The future of the internet) takes shape, you will be represented out there. The Metaverse is a universal framework designed to make your assets portable and interchangeable. Your avatar is your Virtual Persoonia. It’s your virtual identity, and you want to control that asset and display it consistently across all platforms and representations of you spanning the internet. That is the vision that Personify Inc has for how to represent yourself in this new world. Consistent, reliable representation of your best self across all platforms.

4. How to dress up your avatar?

When it comes to choosing the clothing for your avatar, there are a few different approaches you can take.

The first option is to choose clothes that reflect your personality and interests. This means you should select items that make you happy and feel comfortable wearing them.

Another approach is to pick clothes based on their style or trendiness. This means looking at fashion magazines or online sources to see what’s popular right now and trying to emulate that look online.

If you want something more custom, then you can create a wardrobe specifically designed for your avatar using clothing NFTs available from websites such as There are also many third-party tools available that let you create outfits from scratch (See Vroid Studio), if you are the creative type. You can get cloths from online market places such as Booth. Warning: Much of the Vroid Studio models are Manga and Anime inspired and will be more playful and a bit less on provisional side. That said, Booth has three piece suits and full ball gowns for for little or no cost.

5. Examples of how to use avatars in different situations

There are a few things to keep in mind when dressing your avatar for a meeting. First, be sure to dress professionally when appropriate. This means choosing clothes that fit well and look good on your avatar. Secondly, avoid appearing too childlike or whimsical – people may think less of you if they believe you aren’t able to handle yourself in a serious setting. And lastly, never go full bunny rabbit – no one wants to see that!