How I accomplish my Customer Support job with Presenter

How I accomplish my Customer Support Job with Presenter

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Teams in Customer Support, including ours, have plenty to be thankful to modern video conferencing tools in the current- day landscape of restricted movements. While there have been impositions on us in terms of reaching out physically owing to the ongoing pandemic, there has been no let- up in providing prompt service to our customers. In this scenario, it is interesting to note how software like Personify Presenter has come to us as a boon.

Customers have turned increasingly skeptical about resolution through mails, phone-calls and bots

Having been in this field for a while, I can say this was a fair amount of conviction. Emails take time. The resolution of an issue gets delayed by at least twelve hours at the very least. If it is critical, it is natural for a customer or consumer to feel frustrated and even cheated beyond a point. Phone-calls made the day for a while but somewhere down the line, quality was compromised, and most companies outsourced the job to call centers. Call center reps were multi-tasking clients in a big way and consequently unable to devote too much time to one caller. Worse, they were at times clueless about providing the right solution themselves and invariably requested for two or more working days to provide a resolution. Sad situation for the callers who were hoping for a quick turnaround for their roadblocks.  

Some customers have even gone on record complaining about badly-managed bots, which are the most frustrating to deal with, having been programmed in a specific manner and being quite useless outside of their roles.

Welcome to the world of Customer Service through Video Support

Scoring high over all the old methods which are increasingly turning jaded and leading to dissatisfied customers and consequent churn, is the new, innovative method of using video for Customer Support. 

On one hand this imbibes all the time-tested advantages of the earlier methods like 24 x7 availability, patient and involved hearing and understanding of the problem, prompt identification of basic issues and offering available options for redressal. On the other hand, and this is important ΓÇô it offers face-to-face interaction with the customer or consumer, which makes it at once personal and humane. They know you are giving them your full and undivided attention. This form of personalized customer support is fast catching on as a trend.

HereΓÇÖs how my company uses Video to reach out to its varied customer base

  1. Real-time demos – Let us start with the example of kitchen gadgets. While they come with handy how-to manuals, most electronic companies have their customer support executives who provide a real-time demo to the customer. Now, this can be conveniently handled through immersive how-to videos direct to the family presenting live immersive videos. Happy family, great word-of-mouth publicity, great sales! 
  1. For a range of services, troubleshooting has typically been achieved through FAQs. While customers were earlier accustomed to reading the fine print and hunting for answers from the product literature or company website, it is infinitely easier and cooler to set up a quick video call and fix the issue. This is what they mean by new-age customer satisfaction.
  1. Live sessions with customer groups ΓÇô Akin to sending out mailers to geo-targeted groups, we organize live sessions with select customer groups ahead of new product launches or important upgrades. These being live are cool informative spells of direct customer interaction and useful for getting direct feedback.
  1. Interviews and views and testimonials ΓÇô In ancient times, it was customary to slip in an all-expenses paid postcard along with the warranty card with a request to the customer to send in her views on the product. Now this may easily be arranged for after a prefixed time after product purchase. In fact, it can be professionally fleshed out to a short interview which may be amplified in multiple ways.
  1. Webinars ΓÇô These have become a near-permanent fixture since the onset of the pandemic. Honestly, these tend to become a tad boring for the audience but set up in a smart and compact manner, these may well turn out to be informative and memorable events to further your customer base. 

Presenter is smart, easy-to-use and operate, and helps us achieve all the above

Compatible with both Windows and iOS, Personify Presenter is simple to download and install on your PC, laptop or tablet. It requires no special tech know-how to operate and even a relatively basic tech-savvy person can easily use it to advantage.

It uses immersive studio functionality which enables you to interact and present just like a weatherperson, being far away and yet right there in the scene of action! 

The process uses AI and ML to ΓÇÿextractΓÇÖ your face and torso through a webcam and insert it along with your presentation. Thereafter, with your ΓÇ£personaΓÇ¥, it is a live and animated you that is interacting with your customers. 

Presenter also enables you to use additional annotation along with effects to enliven your presentation further. Imagine the level of personalization of the entire process. It is real time and it is two-way. Your audience can pose as many queries, as many times as they wish. This unique two-way interaction ensures that the focus is on them ΓÇô and You!

It is important to mention here that Presenter enables you to seamlessly move between the slides of your content, so you may keep going forward and backward as often or as frequently as you require. In short, interacting with your audience and content is a breeze.

The entire process keeps your audience engrossed and engaged as you take them through your content ΓÇô educating and entertaining as you choose. Make your interaction impressive and unforgettable every time!

Over time, this has proved to be an intensely powerful and collaborative method for a range of customer support requirements, achieved at a fraction of the cost that a company would incur through transport and travel.

This new, innovative approach of reaching out to customers is here to stay

One of the biggest advantages of PersonifyΓÇÖs Presenter in the current scenario is that  it instantly does away with the hassles of arranging physical meetings and traveling to specific venues at scheduled times. This collaborative method ensures that both the customer support team and the consumer/customer can virtually meet at a convenient time and accomplish their mutual purpose.  This practically does away with any geographical limitations whatsoever.

Being relatively low-cost, we can easily set up multiple meetings in case of requirement without breaking our heads over the ROI.

It is personalized and yet simple. As it’s virtual and collaborative, at our end, we can quickly rope in senior, more-experienced customer support representatives to handle a customerΓÇÖs woes in case the situation demands. Works great for us.

A number of customers have now given us the thumbs-up for switching to video customer support from the earlier modes. In my experience, most of our customers are way more satisfied with this new method of providing customer support than they were previously with phone calls or emails. I believe, with time, video support will become the norm, with tools like Personify Presenter.