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How to Succeed Using Video Backgrounds in Chromacam

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Video backgrounds is a powerful way to express yourself visually. But if done carelessly it may be a draw back. It’s best to consider several factors when choosing a background of any kind. 

Understand the purpose of adding a video background

You should ask yourself a few questions before choosing a video background.

  1. Why are you choosing to use a video background instead of a static background?
  2. What are you trying to achieve by using a video background.

When there is movement in your background, it should be purposeful. The background should be reflective of that purpose only. If it has other elements that don’t represent the purpose in some way it may be a distraction. To achieve a successful video background, understand the context you will be presenting in. Is it a meeting or a social event? Are you the presenter or just a participant? If it a professional event, a videogame stream would be a distraction. But It might be fine for a zoom call with friends. Any background should complement you and your goals in this event. Choose a background that suits the style and feeling you want to convey without detracting from others experience.

You should also consider composition

Make sure there is enough contrast between the background and your subject. Ensure your video backdrop and clothing complement each other. Determine how much movement you want in your video background. Avoid backgrounds with patterns, movement, or images that will distract viewers.

YouTube has a large selection of environmental videos that are in every theme imaginable. Things like cityscapes are great for small movement but provides attractive activity. Coffee shop on a rainy day is another good search term. Just drop the YouTube URL of you chosen video in Chromacam and it will be your background.

Consider the lighting in your video space. If you are using a background that is a well lit city street and your lighting on your persona is dark, it will not mesh well and will seem unconnected and unnatural. Play around with lighting, different angles, points of view, and styles for more dynamic matching of your background. But test them out first. Have a plan for your background, before start using it. Will video play time be long enough for your meeting? Will it need to loop? That is a simple setting that can make a big difference. Prepare for this performance and you will be happier with the results.