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How to use Linear Perspective to give Backgrounds a 3D Appearance

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This image (below) demonstrates how the convergence of the lines at the top provides the illusion of distance. The top line tells our brains, this is the horizon where all lines will converge. 

Linear Perspective is the use of lines in an image to produce the appearance of depth. Understanding this concept is very useful for creating or finding a good background image for Chromacam. A flat wall (below) even with pictures or decorations on it, provides little sense of depth.

It just looks like a flat backdrop.  

We see this flat 2D image (below) as 3D because of the angle of the lines meeting at the horizon.

This approach is also useful in photographs for backgrounds. If your persona or avatar is in the foreground and your background image has angles that converge, the illusion of depth can be quite effective. 

Even if you can’t see where the lines all converge because of a wall, the 3D perspective is implied because the lines all point to a vanishing point beyond the view in the picture. Your brain fills in the gaps in your view. 

Try using linear perspective in your next video call and see if anyone comments on your great background. You will find people love to break the ice by talking about your creative background or how much they enjoy the inventiveness in the way you present yourself on camera.