Chromacam Avatar Special Effects

Mac in the Metaverse

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Mac users have felt a little left behind when it comes to the innovations that have been happening with what we call the Metaverse. While the big developers out there scramble to make the future of user avatar augmentation a reality on other platforms, Mac software development firms say “Metaverse Shmetaverse”. 

Apple has so many times been the innovator of human to computer interfaces. Think about the mouse, the touch screen, Siri, and the list goes on. So what’s going on with the digital you and your virtual augmented reality self? Crickets is what we hear, other than a few niche apps that lack the robust features that make Avatars so interesting. That’s where Chromacam comes in. We saw the writing on the wall. We know that the digital self is the future of the internet. We see that Mac users are ready to represent themselves on many platforms as a universal presence, but lack the software to do it. So here it is, Chromacam 3!

Here at Personify Inc we love how Mac users are the “creative computing community”. They have always thought differently and look to the future with the eyes of an artist. Metaverse centered tools have been far from the creative hands of Mac owners. The developers of Chromacam have decided to change that. We have developed an avatar rigging system to allow Mac users to easily represent themselves in video meetings, and it’s much more than that. It’s about the Avatar being an extension of your identity. It’s the virtual you. Your avatar is a universal 3D representation of you in many places in the Metaverse. Use it on Zoom calls, Goto Meeting, or any other video calling service on your Mac. Use it in recordings that you can bring into TikTok or Facebook. That same Avatar model can be brought into other applications like VRChat and many other virtual spaces. It becomes the universal virtual you.

To create the avatar, a selfie can be used as the template. The AI builds an avatar face based on facial structure, hair type, and skin coloration. Then you can customize and dress the avatar as a virtual self. Within a few minutes, you’ll have a virtual 3D avatar ready to take over representing you in the next meeting or whatever media you happen to be working with. It looks like you, and moves as you, tracking your face and eyes to provide a very lifelike virtual representative. Select Chromacam as the camera source with the avatar you designed and watch as your virtual “Chromatar” comes to life!

Combine this with Chromacams ability to use video backgrounds and real time rendered special effects, and you have your own video production stage with an unlimited combination of environments and situations to place your Avatar in. The possibilities are endless. Chromacam allows you to use any YouTube video as a stage for your Avatar. The magic of the Metaverse is now on the Mac and it’s just waiting for you!