Personify’s ChromaCam SDK for enterprise video conferencing and collaboration solutions

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The Pandemic has changed how the workforces operate

As the current COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of abating, leading to restrictions on travel and face-to-face meetings and simultaneously, a rise in working from home and other locations, it is no surprise that there has been a sharp upswing in the use of video calls and video conferencing.  In fact, many specialists feel that even when we have overcome the pandemic and start going out more often, many of us would still prefer this more direct, fuss-free mode of business interaction.

Consequently, there has been a spike in software that enables optimal use of these contemporary virtual meeting products.

Why Software Development Kit (SDK) ?

While SDKs have been in the market for a while, it may be a good idea to brush over the essentials here.

Basically, there are two major benefits:

  • Go-to-Market ready – It cuts down on the time required to create complex, customizable codes for adding new functionality to your existing product. SDK enables you to integrate another product on your own easily and quickly, thus helping you to stay competitive and add new features quickly enough to respond to market needs in real-time.
  • Significant  time and cost savings – This is a no-brainer. As you cut back on time and resources, you automatically enable savings for your organization. 

Some basic parameters to keep in mind while zeroing in on the appropriate SDK provider

Perhaps the most vital point of SDK is to understand what the capabilities of the devices (mobile and/or web) and operating systems (Windows, Android or iOS) are. 

Next, before tying up, check what kind of customization of backgrounds is being provided by your service provider. Each organization has its own requirements and communication methods. The functionalities and features should be closely aligned to your company’s specific needs. 

In these times when ROI has assumed colossal proportions, who can ignore pricing? This point should definitely be weighed well. 

Potential impact of collaboration. This should always be kept in mind to ensure that the synergy does not affect overall productivity in any manner.

After-sales tech support and infrastructure. Let’s face it. There are likely to be teething problems at your end. In which case, help should be a call away.

Last but not the least, Security. Customer privacy and data have traditionally been kept confidential in many sectors, for instance, Banking, Government, and Healthcare. By extension, this is applicable to your SDK provider as well.

Personify’s ChromaCam SDK: What’s special about it?

Now, while we have witnessed a global upsurge in the use of video calls and conferencing, as a natural extension of this comes the requirement of features which amp up the look and feel of these facilities. Let us say, for example, you are at a resort or family home, you would probably wish for a customizable, professional background when the camera goes on. Or, for instance, you may wish to add a ΓÇÿBlur’ to your background to enable privacy.  Or enable ΓÇÿUser Extraction’ to change the backdrop to a cool one. Or club your persona with an Immersive Presentation.

Well, now all the above is easily attainable through Personify’s ChromaCam SDK.

Not every enterprise video conferencing and collaboration solution has their technology for background removal or customization. They can use Personify’s SDK to integrate the Chromacam product into their video conference service platform in order to provide background removal, blur, and replacement features to their customers. So, suppose you are a video communications provider such as 8X8, Amwell, Counterpath, Hopin, Jabber, Intrado, Twilio, Vcube, Vidyo, On24, Alcatel-Lucent, Amazon, Adobe, PGI, StarLeaf, Slack, Verizon, or Visionable, allocating time and resources to write out complex codes for every new feature, is not a desirable process. Instead, it may make better sense to use Personify’s SDK to integrate ChromaCam.

Currently, top global communications solutions providers use the Personify SDK for segmentation. Precise and high-quality segmentation is THE WOW factor needed to compete in the video conferencing industry. We are able to offer “volume and customized business” for our customers with flexible terms and conditions.

In this research, Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Frost RadarΓäó Report lists team collaboration services as imperative to connect distributed workers. The report highlights the importance of business-grade real-time communications service providers to provide features that customers need now. Some of the leaders mentioned in their report are using Personify’s Chromacam SDK successfully. 

Industries and professions where Personify’s ChromaCam SDK can be put to use optimally are:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Customer Experience (CX) and Support
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare including veterinary services (Telemedicine)
  • Education and Training
  • Defence
  • Visual and Personal Media
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Streaming Services
  • Webinar Services

Additionally, Personify’s ChromaCam SDK can also be used by camera manufacturers such as Canon, Sony, Fujifilm, Kodak, Niko, Olympus, Panasonic, and Ricoh. As live broadcasting expands, digital cameras are being used as web cameras. Camera manufacturers can use Personify’s SDK to easily weave in customizable backgrounds as an uber-cool feature within the digital camera. The usage opportunity in this segment could explode. We can enable camera manufacturers to have user-friendly and cool, new features.

Vertical programs that meet the specific requirements of heavily regulated industries such as banking, and healthcare.

2020 turned several time-tested methods on the head. Two sectors which were impacted hugely were Banking and Healthcare. Since both are customer facing, it was a huge ask to operate without personal interface. Owing to the pandemic, many organizations were forced to shut down their branches, adding considerable stress to customer service. 

Once again, video calls, video conferencing, and all online presentation software tools jumped into the fray to make life easier for both parties. It was interesting to note that wait time was reduced considerably as prefixed slots and timetables could be enabled. In less than twelve months, most employees and customers have adapted themselves to this new, modern more of communication, which has seen a spurt in productivity. 

While one is on a video call/conference, it’s not just nice but also imperative, in most cases, to customize the background in a secure manner. This is possible using Personify’s ChromaCam solution.


This one is absolutely critical and non-negotiable. Let us consider the examples we just dwelt upon – Banking and Healthcare. When it comes to financial details or personal health information, utmost privacy and security is what your customers seek. It is important to remember that the ChromaCam SDK enables you to ensure the highest standard of security. While it offers you the options of Background Blur, Customized Background, Immersive Presentation and User Extraction, you also get complete peace of mind knowing that your data is totally safe and secure.

Great After-Sales

Customer relationship definitely goes beyond simply making a sale here. At Personify, we believe in offering you the best-in-class support when you buy our SDK. Our engineers and tech support professionals are available to guide and hand hold you through any teething problems that you may face during the integration.

Summing up

The ChromaCam SDK by Personify, provides all the necessary developer tools to build, test, and debug apps.

Key features of our SDK  –

Deep Learning – Many years of user segmentation research and development have resulted in findings which form the basis of the product.

Patented Technology – This goes on to accurately capture your head and face, shoulders, arms and even fingers.

High Quality of Code – Again, many years of generating specific codes for user extraction have enabled a superior user experience. 

Cross Platform – Available on Windows, Android and iOS, enabling higher scope of use.

Automated Testing – Tracking is done per release. Progress is monitored and testing accomplished with documented reports.CUDA, OpenCL, OpenVino – Support for both CUDA and OpenCL. Low performance.