PersonifyΓÇÖs Independence Week Sale is here to make July 4 even more memorable this year.
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Personify’s Independence Week Sale is here to make July 4 even more memorable this year

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Some of you might choose to exercise caution this year owing to the pandemic and the fact that not everyone has been vaccinated yet. But there is no reason why your family and you should hold yourself back from celebrating the Fourth of July in the true spirit of joy and patriotism that it signifies.

We’re listing some simple, DIY ideas for your July 4 celebration at home  –

  1. Thematic decor – It can’t get more basic than this. Arrange all your decor with items in blue, red and white in all your rooms. It could be an arrangement of book spines with art objects in your living space, the cutlery and tableware on your dinner table, bed linen with flowers in vases in your bedroom. Opt for a change of cushions, candles and lampshades in the theme colours. Include plenty of streamers, banners and ribbons. And don’t forget to hang up a flag in a prominent place – we always recommend the porch.
  2. Food items – It’s fairly easy to conjure up special Independence Day food, thanks to easy recipes and online help. Get the family together to plan some delicious, easy food ideas for the day. Keeping the health scares in mind; look for healthy, organic products which are both affordable and high-quality. Remember to include the strawberry in the form of a simple, quick-to-make strawberry shortcake with blue icing and voila – you have your red, white and blue right there!
  3. BBQ at home – There’s something everyone can do at home – whether you are a beginner or an expert. Check out a guide if you’re planning to do this for the first time by yourself. Plan the recipe and get the ingredients in advance, set up the grill tomorrow and let the good times roll!
  4. Clothes – So what if the family is not making it to the resort vacation or picnic in the park? Pull out all stops by donning your Fourth of July gear in red, white and blue. Let the family go color-coded for a special fun photo shoot at home. Don’t forget to teach your kids what the colors in the American flag stand for – red is a symbol of valor and bravery, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.
  5. Games and Music –  From patriotic quizzes to virtual games that the entire family can play together, to patriotic songs, plan your own unique activities for the special day.

To make your Fourth of July celebrations even more memorable this year, Personify has a flat 30% off on anything you purchase till July 08, 2021, 11:59 Pacific Time. Yes, you read it right. The offer is on for a week.

And what is more, with your purchase you will be contributing furthering educational opportunities for lesser privileged children and adolescents. $1 from every purchase goes to the United Nations Global Education Fund which works towards providing knowledge and skills to children and adolescents which will equip them to thrive in a fast evolving world.

So, log on, use the Promo Code: July4 and secure your purchase now. 

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