Presenter Updates will knock your socks off!

Presenter Updates will knock your socks off!

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Our team has been working relentlessly to upgrade Presenter. And we think you’ll like what we’ve done.

Here are just some of the improvements made so far in 2019:


  • A new AI engine with major quality and performance improvements
  • Fixes to the integrated camera in Surface Book machines
  • Rear/side camera has been moved to bottom of camera list and is no longer the default camera

Mac OS

  • Major performance improvements in compatibility with Mac OS
  • Resize is now continuous with no more jumpiness
  • Mirror user maintains consistent anchor point of lower-left
  • User interface will not jump when you click-drag on the camera selection menu

An improved requirements checker is now included along with instructions for support if your system doesn’t meet Presenter requirements. You can see a log of all the improvements here.